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Wednesday, March 13

Why Staycations Suck and Four Tips on How to Make Yours Better

Normally every year around this time hubby and I take off for a two night stay somewhere in Ontario, like say London, which is home to all of my favourite bookstores, or Toronto which is well... Toronto! This year we decided to celebrate my birthday at home with a little staycation. My mom took the girls for the weekend and hubby and I set out to explore Windsor, tourist style. Overall we did have a pretty good time, discovered a handful of local places we'd never been to before and experienced a few local touristy things that were totally new to us, but the experience left me wishing I had taken a trip, a trip to pretty much anywhere.

Based on my experiences, here's a few tips on how to have a better staycation:

1. Pack a suitcase.
You know what I've never done while away on vacation? Spent 15 minutes looking for a matching pair of socks, that's what. If I ever do this staycation thing again I am going to pre-wash and "pack" all of our clothing, just like I do for a trip.

2. Take the phone off the hook and lock the door.
Having someone stop by or call asking what you're up to sort of ruins the illusion that you're off on vacation somewhere.

3. Preplan; research locations and hours etc, just like on an out of town trip.
I normally look up places online before hand, note their hours, print out coupons, all that good stuff. This time, since we were just visiting places around Windsor I didn't do any research. And we ran into disappointment. The one place I had heard was great for breakfast had turned into an ale house and didn't open until after 11am. Another spot had closed up shop. While I had the hours totally wrong on a third. If I had done a little research we could have saved some frustration.

4. Clean like the Queen Mother is coming to tea.
You spend the afternoon out window shopping, grab lunch at a nifty restaurant, and then instead of heading back to a nice hotel room you head home to a messy house. Ugh. That's depressing. I spent half the weekend with a nagging guilty feeling, like I should be sorting my kids toys, or washing the kitchen floor or something. At one point I even gave into the urge and wasted half a day reorganizing my desk space and parts of my kitchen. Next time I am going to have the place so spick and span that it feels like a resort home when I walk back in the door.

Have you had a good experience with a staycation? or a horrible one? I'd love to hear your ideas on how to make vacationing at home better.
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