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Friday, March 1

One of the those things I thought I'd never want to do...

When we were in our twenties my husband and I used to scoff at the idea of a resort vacation.  Our vacations usually involved travelling to a new city, exploring, visiting museums, shopping and walking non-stop all day long for the 3 or 4 days of our trip. We had off beat goals like try and discover every used book store in Southwestern Ontario, or visit all the gaming stores in a 200 mile radius. As we got older and my hubby developed a passion for craft beers, our trips started to revolve around visits to breweries and the type of brew pubs that cellared and served rare and fine beers the way some places serve wine.

Still the idea of an inclusive vacation didn't appeal. We both dislike hot summertime weather and we're not crazy about beaches. But mostly what we found off putting was the idea of just laying around all day.  Who the heck would want to sit at a resort all day long? lounging in the sunshine? sitting by the pool?  We both agreed, that sort of vacation would drive us stir crazy.

And then we had kids. And suddenly I find the idea of just laying somewhere for days on end extremely appealing. Maybe it's the constant sleep deprivation, or maybe it's just that I'm older now, and let's face it out of shape to the point where walking all day long sounds tiresome. I find myself liking the idea of a vacation where someone else takes care of all the little details, a vacation where we just hang out and relax. I visualize myself at some Club Med resort, lounging around the pool reading a book, and letting someone else cook all the meals, and well,... it sounds sort of like heaven.

Anymore it feels like when hubby and I go on vacation, we come home so pooped out that we need an extra day or two to rest before returning to our regularly scheduled lives.  My husband, who used to laugh at the idea of an all inclusive vacation, was actually the first one to mention that the idea of just relaxing somewhere sounds really tempting. It's out of our budget range for the moment, but I've been window shopping for months now. Looking at resorts, and feeling an almost guilt like twinge when I think of how my twenty-something self would laugh at me planning a trip to Turkey or the Bahamas.

What about you guys? Have you ever been on a resort vacation? Would you recommend it?
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