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Friday, February 1, 2013

D is for... Death Warmed Over

D is for Deanna on her deathbed. I'm not being too overly dramatic, this is pretty much the sickest I have ever felt. I've got two words for you, both of them suck and neither of them start with D: Viral Pneumonia. Well, wait the Canadian Lung Association has it listed on their website under disease... does that make it count?

{Right about here, imagine a lovely photo of me trying to sleep sitting up on the couch.}

Please pardon my lackluster post, but I definitely didn't want to completely duck out on ABC Friday. Do me a favour and be my replacement, my delegate if you will, and post some really delightful photos this week, k guys? Me, I'm going back to bed... er  couch, whatever.

Delightful, dangerous, deadly,
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