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Thursday, January 3

Top 25 Referral Sites of 2012 { Blogging }

I had fun with this last year, so had to again compile a list of my top referral sites for the last 12 months (taken from Google Analytics).

1. (Twitter, and I think also Triberr links on Twitter)
2. Facebook
3. StumbleUpon
4. (search traffic)
5. (I haven't created a Squidoo lens, but have been referred to in one)
6. - giveaway linky
7. - Fellow Canadian blogger with an awesome site, no clue why I'm getting so many referrals from her though.
8. (search traffic)
9. - My charming co-host for the weekly Canadian Friendly Giveaway link-up. Have you checked out her site yet? It rocks.
11. - giveaway linky
12. - I love Triberr! (It lets you to automagically cross-promote with other bloggers via Twitter, you can read more about Triberr here.)
13. - giveaway linky
14. - giveaway linky
15. - Fellow Canadian blogger that focuses on CanCon. Have you checked out her site yet? It rocks. Most of my traffic came from her Canadian blog roll page.
16. - giveaway linky
17. - giveaway linky
18. - mobile version of Facebook
19. - giveaway linky
20. - Another fellow Canadian blogger that I enjoy working with. Have you checked out her site yet? It, of course, also rocks.
21. - giveaway linky
22. - Just guessing here, but I think this must be from people using the Swag Bucks search engine to head to my site.
23. - fourm that lists contest and giveaways
24. - giveaway linky
25. - giveaway linky

I'm always curious to see where traffic is coming from... So to my fellow bloggers I ask... Where did your traffic come from in 2011? Who were your top referrers? If you post your own list let me know as I'd love to read it.

As you can see, many of my top referral sites were giveaway link-ups. I took this information and used it to update the GIANT LINKY LIST to show which sites were in my Top 10 and Top 20 for traffic referrals. If you're looking to promote giveaways take a look at my list. In general anything that says High Traffic next to the link should be worth your time.


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