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Monday, January 21

Saving Diaper Dollars, Tricks for Buying Pampers Cheap

I've always been confused by people who say Pampers are too expensive. Diapers are something I never pay full retail for. I've gotten both my mom and my mother in-law into the habit of collecting Pampers coupons for me. I wait for a sale and I use coupons. I buy Pampers in large quantities and stash them in the closet. I don't mind stockpiling them, as it's not like diapers go stale. Sale priced, plus dollars off with a brandSAVER coupon; Pampers can cost as little as the no-name brand.

Trick #1:
Wait for a sale. Watch the flyers. Watch deal sites like for sales alerts. (Personally I find that Shoppers Drug Mart often has the best sale price for Pampers, and they put them on sale fairly regularly. Added to the bonus Shoppers Optimum points days, or spend x dollar amount and get a gift card days; Shoppers usually works out to the best deal.)

Trick #2:
Sign up to be a member of the Pampers Village to get access to online Pampers coupons. Keep an eye on their email newsletter, as they'll mention when new coupons become available on the website. By signing up online for Pampers Village I also received several physical paper newsletters, which included coupons. I haven't gotten one in awhile but I'm guessing that's based on my child's age, and not an indication that they've cancelled the newsletter.

Trick #3: 
Follow P&G everyday Canada on Facebook and keep an eye out for when they announce new coupons are available online at P&G's coupon website; Whenever the new coupons do come out, order them online.

Trick #4: 
Again Follow P&G everyday Canada on Facebook and keep an eye out for when they announce that new brandSAVER coupons are available. That weekend your local paper will likely include the insert. If you don't subscribe, it's worth picking up the newspaper at the corner store just to get the flyer with the brandSAVER coupons.

Trick #5:
Have friends or family collect Pampers coupons for you. If they don't have a child in diapers they don't need them, and you do!

Trick #6:
Trade for Pampers coupons. Again, many folks do not have a need for diaper coupons, so it's easy to trade with friends, or even take part in a "coupon train".  (One friend told me a story of how they have a giant envelope in her office lunch room, you put in coupons you don't need and take out ones you do. Cool idea, right? A coupon train is the same basic principle, only instead of an envelope full of coupons sitting in a room, the coupons get mailed from one person to the next.)

Trick #7:
Keep an eye on the packaging when picking out your diapers. Often specially marked packages of Pampers will have coupons inside them, sometimes both for Pampers and for other P&G brands. I've often stood in the store looking at piles of diaper packages, some with coupons, some without. Paying attention to which ones you're grabbing can pay off.

Trick #8:
Keep in mind that sometimes it works out cheaper to buy the smaller packs vs. the mega-sized boxes, as you can apply one coupon per package.

Did I miss any? I'd love to hear your diaper dollar saving tips!

Disclosure: I'm a P&G Mom, and as such I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. As always the opinions on this blog are my own. 


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