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Thursday, April 14

Envirosax Bags from Giving Gifts {Review}

I am usually pretty pro-environment, but I have to fess up and tell you... I hate the new trend towards having to pay for plastic bags.  I know plastic bags are bad for the environment.  I understand the well meaning concept behind attempting to encourage people to use reusable bags.  I get it.  My problem is, I can never remember to bring the darn things with me.  Best case scenario, they are strewn about the trunk of the car.  Though it's much more likely that they are at home, hanging near the side door, patiently waiting for me to remember to ever even take them out of the house. For me the 5 or 10 cents they are charging for plastic bags, it's like a stupidity tax on my poor forgetful mommy brain.

Then Giving Gifts sent me an Envirosax Bag to test out, and it is fantastic.   It's small, light and compact.  It folds up and fits neatly in my purse.. But best of all, I'm actually making use of it.  Because it rolls up and fits in my purse, I actually remember to take it with me.  Several times now I have been standing at check-out and have experienced an immense feeling of relief as I realized. "Wait, I actually do have a bag with me!"

The Envirosax Bag rolls up quite compactly, with a little tie that wraps around it and snaps shut.  I'm the sort of person that can't "store-fold"  t-shirts, or get the highway map folded back up properly.  When my Envirosax Bag arrived and I saw how it was beautifully folded up, waiting to be opened, I thought... well it will never look like that again. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can actually get the bag to roll up and store neatly.  It is really easy.  I had it down pat by my second try.

The Envirosax is a very sturdy, well made bag, which seems like it will last for a long time. The handles are wide and comfy to hold and it even fits up on my shoulder.  It is made of a durable waterproof material.  It opens up to a generous 19 inches by 17 inches, and holds plenty of stuff. The equivalent of two plastic grocery shopping bags worth.

My low-tech capacity test - How many toys fit in an Envirosax bag?
It can hold over two armfuls worth of toys, with room for more.
a.k.a. it's definitely big enough for shopping with!

Overall I would definitely recommend the Envirosax Bag. Unlike the large pile of reusable bags cluttering up  my side door, the Enrivosax Bag is actually seeing active duty and is saving me from paying the plastic bag stupidity tax for never remembering to bring my own.

Much cooler than lugging around something with a grocery store logo on it.

You can pick up your own Envirosax Bag from Giving Gifts for only $9.  It is available in a variety of classy patterns and cute designs. (I am totally coveting that 50s style rocket ship bag!) They also come packaged in sets of five. You can purchase a set of five Envirosax Bags complete with a matching zippered pouch to store them in, for only $40.

8 comments: said...

I know that when I head home to Toronto in the summer I often get caught off guard when I'm window shopping or just picking up something quick and I get charged for bags because I forgot to bring a reusable one... this would be great for putting in my purse!

Thanks for stumbling my post, I've stumbled yours :)

Lori said...

Very cute! I'm the same way with never remembering to bring the reusable bags when I need them. Thanks for sharing. I give it a "thumbs up!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stumbling me. I stumbled you back. Wow - I didn't know so many people charged for bags. I haven't seen that in the US except at ALDI. I have 3 very nice reusable bags that I keep in my diaper bag/purse from flip and tumble.

Faith at

Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Stumbled ya back.

Thanks for coming to STT. See you next week.

The Chief BLonde

Ourfamilyworld said...

I love when these bags roll. You can put in your purse and don't forget them.
Stumbled your post
Have a great day

Darcy said...

I always forget to take bags with too - I think I'd love one of those in my purse or glovebox!

Stumbled back - sorry for the delay!
Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery

ChildTalk said...

Awesome! *Just* tonight i remembered to take my (bigger) bags into the store with me for the first time! I can totally see how having a small one like that would help. :)

Stumbling you back from last week-- better late than never!! Happy Stumble Tuesday.

Elle said...

That sounds like an excellent bag to have. I also forget to take mine to the store or if I remember to put them in the car I forget to take them in the store with me.

Following and stumbled. Simple Wyrdings

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