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Wednesday, April 27

The Great Canadian Giveaway Link-Up ~ Week of April 28th

Welcome to the The Great Canadian Giveaway Link-Up 
This is a weekly link-up, with a new linky published every Thursday (often up by Wednesday night).

Spingtime Swingtime

The six year old's current preferred after school activity is a visit to the local park and a ride on the swings. She runs up to the swings and dive bombs into position, always on her belly, never on her bum. Grinning madly, she swings wildly up and down while singing "I'm flying, I'm flying." Add in the occasional shouts of "I'm Superman!" and you get the idea.

How have you and your little ones been enjoying the warmer weather? (and yes, those are dandelions in the background, they are sprouting everywhere!)

Friday, April 22

My Unlikely Trio of Favourites... #PGmom Review

Today I want to take you guys back and revisit three of my "five star" favourite household products.

The first is the Swiffer Sweep and Trap. This is the magical tool that had my kids begging me to let them sweep the floors. I'm a fan of Swiffer in general, and to me this feels like an improvement on the original classic, without overly complicating things -- aka no cords, no batteries, no wet things. I love how easy the "trap" section is to remove and empty out. I love how easily it pivots, and how it fits into all the weird corners and edges along my kitchen floor.  I honestly can't imagine going a day without using my Sweep and Trap, and would run out and buy another one immediately if mine suddenly went missing.

The second is Charmin Ultra Strong, or as I like to call it the toilet paper that saved my marriage.  I've briefly mentioned Charmin in the past, mainly to tout how fantastically useful their Sit or Squat app is (particularly when you suffer from colitis), but I've never really gotten into the details of the how and why I love Charmin so much. Cheap toilet paper is the one thing I can never get away with skimping on. I used to buy the grocery store's in house brand, or whatever was on sale, but I've found we go through the cheap stuff so much quicker, due to doubling down, that in the end we're not really saving much, if anything. That and the fact that my husband threatened to leave me if I kept buying the "crappy stuff" means that Charmin is a staple in our household, and of the Charmin family of products the Ultra Strong is our favourite.

The third product I want to talk about is Pantene Moisture Renewal shampoo and conditioner. If you've been following my blog for any length of time you'll likely recall that I am a big fan of Pantene, and it's not just because they partnered with me to do a cool cut and donate my hair fundraiser, or because they run one of my favourite charity initiatives, the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. I'm also simply a genuine fan of their products. The past few years I've noticed a big difference in my hair during the cold winter months vs the humid summer months. In the winter my hair feels dry, even at times almost brittle. I've found that the magical duo of Pantene's Moisture Renewal shampoo and conditioner can keep my hair soft and clean, even in the dry, static prone, winter months.

Now these may seem like an unlikely trio to group together, but that thing that links them is that they are all Procter & Gamble products. P&G is the company behind over fifty different household brand names. When I realized just now many of those products are staples in my household, that was the moment when I realized that I am indeed a P&G mom. Another thing that links these products together is the fact that you can visit the website and grab coupons or read product reviews. Which means you don't just have to take my word for it,  you can go and see what other folks have to say about these items as well. Or if there's a P&G product you want to rant or rave about you can always log in and leave your own "Rate & Review".

What about you folks? Do you have a favourite P&G product? Have you ever used the reviews section on the website to research a product? or to leave your own opinion?

Thursday, April 21

The Great Canadian Giveaway Link-Up ~ Week of April 21st

Welcome to the The Great Canadian Giveaway Link-Up 
This is a weekly link-up, with a new linky published every Thursday (often up by Wednesday night).
Monday, April 18

Warm Up Your Springtime With This $260USD GIVEAWAY!

This weekend has marked the first real springtime like weather around here. The birds are singing, the daffodils and tulips are just starting to bloom, and I even spotted a dandelion on our walk to the school bus this morning. Perhaps spring hasn't really hit in your parts yet, or perhaps you're just looking for a springtime pick me up. Well, I've got just the thing. How about a chance to win $260 USD?

A bunch of my fabulous fellow Canadian bloggers have come together to bring you guys this chance to win some PayPal cash! This giveaway is open worldwide so spread the word using the hashtag #SpringIntoCash and let's celebrate the coming of the warmer weather with this awesome giveaway.

Giveaway is open to Worldwide. All entries will be verified. Winner will be contacted via email when giveaway has ended. Winner will have 48 hours to respond, or a new winner will be chosen. Once winner is confirmed, the winner will be announced via this form. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media Network including PayPal.
Wednesday, April 13

The Great Canadian Giveaway Link-Up ~ Week of April 14th

Welcome to the The Great Canadian Giveaway Link-Up 
This is a weekly link-up, with a new linky published every Thursday (often up by Wednesday night).
Monday, April 11

Join in on Travelling Maple Tuesday and Share Your Travel Adventures!

Welcome to Travelling Maple Tuesdays! Each Tuesday we invite you to post a picture on Instagram and include the hashtag ‪#‎TravellingMaple‬. (This happens EVERY Tuesday, I just post about it every few weeks on here as a reminder.)

Travelling Maple is a website meant to showcase Canadian travel content. Each Tuesday we move the party over to Instagram, sharing our Canadian perspective on travel with the world. We invite our fellow Canadians to join in (you don't need to be a blogger to take part). Just post any sort of travel photo, tell us where it's from and be sure to tag it #TravellingMaple.

If you decide to take part we ask that you share the love. For each picture you post please comment on or like at least two pictures with the #TravellingMaple hashtag.

And please be sure to follow your hosts:

We can’t wait to connect with you and see your awesome travel photos!
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