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Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Means No More PJs at the Bus Stop - Mommyhood Confession {Plus #PGmom GIVEAWAY}

Spring has sprung. I'm not sure that I should admit this but when it comes to getting out the door to the school bus in the morning I hate the warmer weather. When it's cold out I get to wear a coat, my tall boots and a touque, which hide all sorts of things. When I'm wearing my big winter boots no one can tell my socks don't match. With a toque no one can see my frizzy crazy bedhead. And unless they've got x-ray vision the other parents at the bus stop don't know I've still got my PJ top on under my coat.

For some reason the neighbours look at me weird
when I wear this to the bus in 70 degree weather.

Suddenly it's warmer out. Warm enough to just go to the bus in my skirt and t-shirt. And now I need to worry about all those extra little details. Or look like the tired frazzled out mom I truly am most days. I mean it's it enough that I make sure the big kid is immaculately groomed and ready to go to school each morning? Now I have to make sure I look presentable too? Sigh.

If you feel a tiny bit like I do then I've got something to help brighten your springtime blues. A giveaway full of P&G products to help you get into the swing of spring, and feel a little better about leaving that coat and toque at home.
Thursday, April 23, 2015

SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium, Just Over the Border and Waiting to Be Seen... {GIVEAWAY ALERT}

SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium just opened this past January in Auburn Hills. It's like a 45 minute drive from my front door to SEA LIFE's location at Great Lakes Crossing. Under an hour away, huge 35,000 square-foot aquarium, over 5000 creatures to see.... how could we not go?

We're planning a visit for this weekend and I'm super excited. I've been checking out the website, planning our visit, and I discovered, among other cool things, that for just $2 extra they offer a behind the scenes tour.
This 20 minute interactive experience will immerse you in our working world where you will be shown how life support, filtration and water quality systems work, how food is prepared for the animals, plus research areas.
Um.. hello! That sounds awesome.

Do You Remember Glo-Bugs? You know, the 1980s toy... #Throwback Thursday

I found this old booklet from 1987 that came with the GLO Friends and thought it would be fun to scan and share. Do you remember these guys? My kid sister had them by the dozen.

The Great Canadian Giveaway Link Up ~ Week of April 23rd

Welcome to the The Great Canadian Giveaway Link-Up 
This is a weekly link-up, with a new linky published every Thursday (often up by Wednesday night).
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Pirate Pout {sort of Wordless Wednesday}

Will I come sit and eat my lunch?  No I will not!
Will I pick the crayon up off the hallway floor?  No I will not!
Will I keep my snack in the dining room?  No I will not!
Will I clean up my toys?  No, no, I will not!

I'm a crazy zebra pirate! 
And... pirates don't listen to Moms.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The One Where My Kid Begs Me to Let Her Clean the Floors, a.k.a. The Grandma Effect

My girls stayed overnight at my mom's place Friday night, giving hubby and I a chance to sneak out for date night. We ate out, tried out a new local brewery that opened recently, and then went home and played board games until almost 2am. Wild. Night. Out.

The next day I pried myself out of bed at ten something in the morning. My timing was impeccable. Pretty much the moment my foot touched the kitchen floor there was a knock at the side door. My mom stood there, looking haggard and tired out, with my youngest daughter in tow. She told me my girl was being a terror, that she was miserable and tired, that she had refused to sleep, had cried and screamed at bed time, and had gotten up at 5am. She dropped off just the one child, saying she was keeping the big kid for a bit longer and taking her grocery shopping.

I sat down to eat breakfast. The five year old told me she was starving, but she refused to eat any of the things I offered and instead stood there sobbing and whining. She was being ridiculous, so I ignored her. Her phony mellow dramatic sobs grew muffled as she threw herself down across a dining room chair. I continued to ignore her and finished eating my leftover salad.

As I finished the last mouthful I realized it had grown very quiet. I peered around the edge of the table to find my girl laying face first on a dining room chair, very quiet and unmoving. She seemed to be asleep, but there was no way anyone could fall asleep in that position. I walked around and examined her from all angles. She didn't move. A soft snoring sound started coming out of her. I laughed quietly to myself and took a few photos, still finding it hard to believe that she could pass out with her toes pressed against the floor and her face buried in her hands.

Perfectly normal position to sleep in, right?

She stayed like that for about half an hour, then woke up just as miserable as before, insisting that she most certainly was not tired and most definitely had never fallen asleep. What followed was a few horrid and headache inducing hours of Not Fun with Miss Grump, until finally big sister arrived back at home.

The big kid pranced into the house and danced and twirled around the kitchen. Her grandmother stood in the landing chatting with me, telling about how they had gone grocery shopping and shared a brownie at the local bakery, and worked together to tidy up Mimi's condo. My girl beamed with pride as my mom praised her, saying she was a fantastic helper.

After my mom left my daughter was still bouncing up and down with excitement, wanting to tell me the ah-maz-ing things she had done with Mimi and just her. She was babbling, giddy with excitement. I was genuinely curious to know what they had done together while I had been hanging out with Miss Crankypants.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Do Your Kids Mix Toy Types or Do They Play with One Set at a Time? {plus Fisher Price Playset GIVEAWAY}

My children mix their toys. This is pretty darn normal right? I mean the Hot Wheels cars end up at tea parties with favourite stuffed dolls, the building bricks form tracks, vehicles and homes for all manner of beasties, and the Fisher Price Little People end up EVERYWHERE.

My kids don't care that one set is meant for Imaginext guys and another is meant for Little People. Proper scale doesn't matter to them. Farmer Eddy and his pig become guests at the Batcave, while Batman protects the Animal Friends Farm from an invisible Joker. No big deal.

However this sort of thing drives my husband bats. He expects the girls to play with Fisher Price Little People only with their Fisher Price Little People playsets, and then put them all away before they move on to another toy. When he sees them mixing toys up it makes him want to run out and buy them more, so that they can have the "proper guys" to play with each set.

Yeah, I love the man but he's a bit... well... let's just say can you tell he was an only child?

I'd love to be able to tell my husband he's nuts, and our kids are oh so normal. (Okay to be clear I am willing to admit my kids can be pretty darn weird, just not over this.) So I'm just wondering, do your kids mix toy types? Do you find Fisher Price Little People hanging out with giant robots? Do your kids Hot Wheels cars fight perilous battles with giant purple monsters in the name of science? Or do they keep everything neat, ordered, and sorted by type?
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